Philippe AntonioHello, my name is Philippe Antonio A. R. Welcome to my ART gallery.
I was born in Sweden 1985, but my parents are from Chile. I grew up in Fittja, a suburb outside Stockholm. My passion for art, especially hands-free drawing and caricature began at a very young age. When I was 10, I created my first own comic-figure ”Magic”, which involved a condom (he was one) Hehe. At that time I hardly knew what it was. Time passed by and I soon learned Graffiti too. I fancy that it was fun to write and draw and I had a separate block intended for it. When I got older, I started to look a lot of Anime, Japanese cartoons, which I fell for, I learned some and took my knowledge a bit further. Thanks to my iPad more recently, I’ve learned to take my art in another direction. I do not know what to call it but i like to think that its my own style, a cool and strong style.

It has been very entertaining and instructive. I have even created my own comic series, where I gathered all my previous cartoon characters, incl. Magic and even some new ones. Together they live in a strange world and I call the comic THE COOL ONES. You can see more about that in (Right now they are only translated in swedish).

I also have a great passion for film/movies that is why I started this site Blackbrush with all my movieart collection. The art and drawings will include lots of the coolest and most memorable movie characters who has ever existed.

I do this with passion because I love to draw. It is a big part of who I am, and it’s allowed me to relax and get away from reality (which for the moment is quite difficult) and get a moment to myself. It’s a hobby I have, which may also rejoice other… In the beginning, these paintings was meant for myself. But after a lot of good feedback, trough friends, family, facebook and my other homepage, I decided to let these paintings to be released in limited edition quantitiesThis is for those of you who have the same love and passion for both film and art as I do.
// Philippe Antonio A.R
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